VMware Horizon View 6.0.2 and VMware Virtual SAN 6.0 Hybrid Reference Architecture

This is a reference architecture using VMware Horizon® View™ 6.0.2 running on VMware Virtual SAN™ 6.0 in a hybrid configuration and is based on realistic test scenarios, user workloads, and infrastructure system configurations. The architecture is comprised of SuperMicro rack mount servers with local storage to support a scalable and cost-effective VMware Horizon View linked-clone desktop deployment on VMware vSphere® 6.0.
Extensive user experience and operations testing, including use of Login VSI desktop performance testing of up-to 1,600 desktops, desktop provisioning operations of up-to 2,400 desktops, revealed world-class performance at an extremely low cost. VMware Virtual SAN technology allows easy scalability while maintaining superior performance at a competitive price point.

VMware reference architectures are built and validated by VMware and supporting partners. They are designed to address common use cases; examples include enterprise desktop replacement, remote access, business process outsourcing, and disaster recovery. A reference architecture describes the environment and workload used to simulate realistic usage, and draws conclusions based on that particular deployment.
This guide is intended to help customers—IT architects, consultants, and administrators—involved in the early phases of planning, design and deployment of Horizon View–based solutions. The purpose is to
provide a standard, repeatable, and highly scalable design that can be easily adapted to specific
environments and customer requirements.

The reference architecture “building block” approach uses common components to minimize support costs
and deployment risks during the planning of large-scale, Horizon View–based deployments. The building block approach is based on information and experiences from some of the largest VMware deployments in production today. While drawing on existing best practices and deployment guides pertinent to many of the individual specific components, the reference architectures are tested and validated in the field and described in detail.

Some key features that can help an organization get started quickly with a solution that integrates easily into existing IT processes and procedures include:

  • Standardized, validated, readily available components
  • Scalable designs that allow room for future growth
  • Validated and tested designs that reduce implementation and operational risks
  • Quick implementation, reduced costs, and minimized risk


VMware Horizon View 6.0.2 and VMware Virtual SAN 6.0 Hybrid Reference Architecture.

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