Migrating to vRealize Automation 6.1 – Part 2

In the second part of the migration video, we’ll perform some final tasks prior to the actual migration, such as backing up our environment and copying over our data to the new environment….

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One thought on “Migrating to vRealize Automation 6.1 – Part 2

  1. A few notes to add to the video:

    – When reviewing the results of the Pre-Req checker, it’s important to not
    only take care of all errors, but warnings as well. Warnings can be
    ignored if it is something that just needs to be foregone (such as an
    approval). All other activities like running data collections should be
    – If the data collection itself takes longer than 24 hours to run, and it
    has been recently run, then the warnings can be ignored.
    – The Source DB backup should be performed after all the pre-reqs have been
    completed, all data collections, and other operations.
    – Database backups / restores, and the actual migration itself might take
    much longer depending on your environment.
    – When restoring your database, the DB name (“To database”) may not show up
    after detaching your 6.1 DB. You can type the name in if the name is no
    longer there. This might depend on the version of SQL.
    – I didn’t restart my environment post-migration, but the best practice is
    that you should. This includes the VA’s and SSO’s. They should be
    restarted in this order:
    1. Manager Service
    2. Dem Orchestrator
    3. Dem Worker
    4. Agents