Feb 25

Get the Cloud Working for You: Cloud Management by VMware

Learn how VMware’s Software Defined Data Center approach enables unique capabilities to streamline an integrated cloud management platform.

Rating: 5/5

Feb 12

vCloud Air Whiteboard Overview

See how vCloud Air, the VMware owned and operated public cloud service, is like having a new data center on demand. This short whiteboard video will show you how you can: migrate virtual machine workloads with vCloud Connector; leverage the vSphere plug-in and tools like vRealize Automation and vRealize Operations; and use connectivity options like VPN, a private direct connection, or local cross-connect.

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Mar 18

vRealize Operations Manager 6 – Express Installation and Getting Started

This video walks you through the extremely simple express install vRealize Operations Manager which will help you get started with the product in a matter of minutes.

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Mar 14

vRealize Operations Manager 6 – Capacity Optimization and Scenario Modeling (vSOM)

This video walks through understanding capacity within the virtual environment, and determining the areas of capacity shortfall, and then performing capacity modeling to help you determine your near term and future capacity needs.

Rating: 5/5

Feb 24

Installation – Initial Setup of the Cluster – vRealize Operations Manager 6

This video walks you through the initial login into vRealize Operations Manager Admin UI and Install Wizards, shows you how to start up your initial (aka Master Node), add new nodes to the cluster, start the cluster and configure High Availability. Once you have completed this video you will be able to login into the user interface and start using vRealize Operations Manager.

Rating: 5/5

Dec 10

vRealize Operations Manager 6 – How to Use the vRealize Operations Manager UI (vSOM)

vRealize Operations Manager provides a new “merged” UI that combines the best of the previous vSphere and the Custom UIs. The new user interface not only offers you the best place to go manage you virtual environment but also your storage, network, operating systems, applications, etc. Moreover, Each class of object managed is treated as a “First Class Citizen” in the new UI which means the features and functions of vRealize Operations Manager (badges, dynamic thresholding, custom dashboards, super metrics, alerting, custom reports, capacity planning) work the same regardless of what you need to manage.

Rating: 5/5

Nov 25

vRealize Operations Manager 6 – Create Alert Definitions for vRealize Operations Manager (vSOM)

This video will walk you through and explain the Alert Definition creation process of vRealize Operations Manager 6.0. It will show you the simple to use Alert Definition Workspace and explain how the different components of an Alert Definition (Symptoms, Recommendations and Actions) all come together to make a more meaningful alert.

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Nov 13

Fast Facts on vRealize Operations – Policy Management

Optimizing operational efficiency while enforcing IT standards is a constant challenge for IT operations teams. VMware vRealize Operations lets you prioritiz…

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Nov 11

VMware vRealize Air Automation – Beta Program

In this video we are going to walk you through the architecture and basic functionality for the vRealize Air Automation Program.

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Nov 07

Fast Facts on vRealize Operations – Introduction

Managing operations across infrastructure and applications is no easy job. VMware vRealize Operations delivers intelligent operations management for your bus…

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