Aug 30

VMware Validated Design for SDDC – Core Platform Demo

The VMware Validated Design for SDDC is a blueprint for the private cloud that results in an SDDC that is consistent, thoroughly documented, extensively tested from end-to-end, and continuously validated to incorporate new releases of software components. In this video, we will demonstrate some of the core platform components of a private cloud based on this design. Learn more about VMware Validated Designs at or follow updates on Twitter @VMwareSDDC

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Jun 12

KBTV Webinars: VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

This video is the fifth in a new series of free Webinars that we are releasing in which our Technical Support staff members present on various topics across a wide range of VMware’s product portfolio.

The title for this presentation is “VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery” and it goes through some aspects of Disaster Recovery within vCloud Air. Topics that are covered include “Disaster Recovery Architecture”, “Disaster Recovery Additional Features”, “A Disaster Recovery Demonstration”, “Disaster Recovery Use Cases” and “Disaster Recovery Challenges”.

This presentation was originally broadcast live on Thursday 23rd April 2015.

To see the details of upcoming webinars in this series, see the Support Insider Blog post at…
NOTE: This video is roughly 25 minutes in length so it would be worth blocking out some time to watch it!

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Feb 18

vCloud Air: Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand – Getting Started

VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand provides instant, secure access to the cloud that is 100% compatible with your vSphere environment.

Learn how to set up your account, create your first virtual machine, and modify its network settings on VMware vCloud Air VPC OnDemand.

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Platform & Architecture

vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand is an IaaS compute offering. It’s based on the same vSphere design architecture as Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud. But unlike the subscription-based services, in the on-demand model there are no “reserved” resource commitments or long-term contracts.

VMware differentiates itself by providing a hybrid platform that:

– Requires no VM conversions
– Offers seamless extensible networking
– Is optimized for both existing apps and new apps
– Enables you to choose the exact VM dimensions you want with any ration of CPU, memory and disc.

What Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Provides:

■ Instant Access:
With Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, you can access self-service cloud computing services with nothing more than a credit card and browser.

■ On-Demand Scale
Scale up and down based on demand or budget. Provision new infrastructure in minutes with no upfront cost or capacity commitments.

■ Resizable Resources
Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand provides a virtually unlimited resource pool, with custom builds and live reallocations of CPU, memory and storage.

■ Testing & Development
Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand gives you an ideal environment to test and develop your existing and new applications, accurately and efficiently.

■ Next-Generation Application Hosting
Develop, test and host next-generation and mobile applications. Run your applications onsite, offsite or in any combination.

■ Value and Assurance
Turn static capital costs into pay-as-you-go operating expenses. And use your same VMware management tools, templates and processes.

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Feb 12

vCloud Air Demo: Overview & Integration w/ vCloud Connector & vCloud Automation Center

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is now VMware vCloud Air. The new branding is not updated in this video, but will begin to show up in new videos in the weeks ahead.

Get an overview of vCloud Air UI and how to configure, monitor, edit and provision a Virtual Data Center. Includes how vCHS is integrated with other VMware tools including vCloud Connector and vCloud Automation Center. Learn more about vCloud Air:…

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Feb 12

vCloud Air Whiteboard Overview

See how vCloud Air, the VMware owned and operated public cloud service, is like having a new data center on demand. This short whiteboard video will show you how you can: migrate virtual machine workloads with vCloud Connector; leverage the vSphere plug-in and tools like vRealize Automation and vRealize Operations; and use connectivity options like VPN, a private direct connection, or local cross-connect.

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May 05

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Tutorial: Introduction

This tutorial provides an introductory overview of vCloud Air Disaster Recovery. This tutorial covers how to configure a site, how to configure replication, and how to do a test and failover.

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May 11

An Introduction to VMware vCloud Hybrid Service

Watch Greg Herzog, Consulting Architect, Field Services, white board the basics of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.

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