Feb 26

Getting Started with Persona Management

This session will cover the basic features of VMware View Persona Management and the appropriate use cases where it provides the right fit. It will contain a brief demo of setting it up, including the most common settings to be used.

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Feb 26

PCoIP Optimization Best Practices (VMware View)

Understand the PCoIP protocol that powers VMware View desktops. Learn how to tune the PCoIP protocol for different workloads to optimize performance.

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Feb 13

VMware Horizon 7 Sales Overview

CLearn about Horizon 7 – the latest update to VMware’s on-premise based desktop and application virtualization platform.

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Nov 05

Horizon View HTML Blast Client Demonstration

VMware Certified Instructor, Linus Bourque, discusses what’s new with the HTML Blast client Demo with version 5.2.

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Nov 04

Horizon View 5.2 Mac Client Update

VMware Certified Instructor, Linus Bourque, reviews what’s new with Mac Client Update.

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Nov 04

Horizon View HTML Blast Client

VMware Certified Instructor, Linus Bourque, discusses what’s new with the HTML Blast client Demo with version 5.2.

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Oct 16

VMware App Volumes Technical FAQ

The VMware App Volumes 2.7 Technical FAQ Now Available

Posted on August 24, 2015 by GinaD

Technical Writer for Technical Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

The VMware App Volumes Technical FAQ has recently been published! As the title suggests, this FAQ deals with the meaty technical questions you may have concerning VMware App Volumes. Questions have been divided into sections including requirements and maximums, installation and configuration, storage, management, using App Volumes with Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH), and troubleshooting. The current FAQ pertains to App Volumes 2.7, and we are presently working on the latest App Volumes 2.9 updates.

To whet your appetite, here is a sample of the questions and answers included in this detailed FAQ.

Q. How does App Volumes handle conflicts? For example, a user has two AppStacks attached with the same application installed in each AppStack. Which application is available to the user?

A. If there is a conflict, the last AppStack attached is presented first. For example, and both contain Microsoft Word 2013. If is attached last, its Microsoft Word application is presented to the user.

Important: Administrators should ensure that there are no application conflicts. If two versions of the same application are required, you can use VMware ThinApp packaging to isolate the two versions, which resolves these application conflicts.

Q. I have a slow drive infrastructure, and it takes time to initialize the 20 GB AppStack template for a new AppStack. Can I optimize this?

A.Yes. The default AppStack size is 20 GB. However, you can reduce the size by creating a new AppStack template. For details, see the Knowledge Base article Creating a new App Volumes AppStack template VMDK smaller than 20 GB.

Q. What are the Microsoft Office installation best practices?

A. It is recommended that you install Office core applications in the base virtual desktop image and create one AppStack for non-core Office applications, such as Visio, Project, or Visio and Project together. To provision the AppStack with Visio and Project, use a provisioning machine with the same Office core applications as on the base image. After the AppStack is created, you can then assign the AppStack only to users who require these non-core Office applications.


If you are hungry for more, check out the full FAQ: VMware App Volumes Technical FAQ.

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Oct 13

Optimizing PCoIP GPO Settings Demonstration

VMware Certified Instructor, Linus Bourque, demonstrates how to optimize PCoIP GPO, Group Policy Objects.

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Oct 11

What’s New with Horizon View 5.2, part 2

VMware Certified Instructor, Linus Bourque, discusses what’s new with VMware Horizon View, the product formerly known as VMware View. This video specifically covers what’s new with the ease of management and total cost of ownership.

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Oct 10

VMware Horizon View – How to do

In this video series, we show you how to get started and successfully roll out and deploy your virtual desktops and applications. We have sessions covering deployment best practices from the multiple components that make up VMware Horizon.

These video series include:

At the end of this video series, you will have a good understanding of the VMware Horizon solution.

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